Wednesday, January 18, 2012

21 Day Fast: Days 17-18

The last two days have been challenging.  I definitely feel more discouraged on this fast, because I'm not losing the weight that I lost on my 30 day fast.  It may be because it's winter and pretty cold, so my body is hanging on to fat.  However, I know that I'm gaining muscle from my workouts.  There's a nice body developing under the fat. :-)

This evening I'm having a very powerful green juice with a lot of greens in it and very little sweetener.  One of my weaknesses tends to be sweet fruit, and I've definitely had a lot of sweet drinks on this fast.  My green juice tonight is really bringing me back into balance.  I think I'll really try to focus on greens for the rest of the fast.  I have some more oranges to juice tomorrow, but I'll probably blend them with fresh aloe gel which can help reduce the quick sugar absorption.

My workouts this week have been consistent, but less intense.  My shoulder has been hurting for some reason, so I've had to do lighter weights.  I'm also focusing on cardiovascular more to prompt more weight loss.  Once I start eating again this weekend, my energy should be back to normal and I can really step it up to the next level.  If the days start to warm up again, the trails of San Diego will be calling me.  Next week, I have plans to hike Cowles Mountain with a friend.  Sometimes, it's hard to get motivated to do hikes when it's cold, but I always feel amazing when I get out there.  Be healthy!

Mystic Merman


  1. Yay,find a day to pencil me in for a hike!! I want you to show me your wild edible foraging secrets! :) We're almost done. Knowing you are doing it too has actually helped me to finish, if that helps you to know- you've helped me.

  2. Wild edible, here we come. I hope we do get a little rain this weekend, so more greens come up. Thank you for all your support.