Tuesday, January 17, 2012

21 Day Fast: Day 16

Day 16 was a breeze.  I had juice throughout the day and also did some supplements, like MSM with camu camu berry powder.  It was a busy day at work, which makes it easier not to think about food.  The weather has been colder here, so I made a hot cup of tea in the morning as well.

Last night, Brandi from Raw Foods on a Budget presented her program at my house.  We had a potluck, but several of us were still on a juice fast, so there was lots of juice around.  Brandi's presentation was great.  She covered a lot of points about not wasting food, eating less, connecting with local farmers and so much more.  Then, she gave a food demo on how to make raw donut holes.  Fortunately, I got the recipe, so I can make it when I'm finished with the fast.

I'm also excited to practice and share some of things I learned at her presentation.  Staying on raw food doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming.  I'd like to apply these principles to my diet over the rest of the winter and spring and blog about the results.  Hopefully, I can inspire others to eat more raw food and make significant changes in their health.  2012 promises to be a great year!

Mystic Merman

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  1. I agree! Here's to 2012, and new beginnings! Congratulations on completing 16 days of the fast. The rest will be a piece of celery!