Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sexy Saturday: Looking good at any age

Everyone wants to feel good about how they look, no matter what age or gender.  In my 10 years of experience in the natural health industry, this has always been one of the main goals of most people I have come into contact with.  And there is no better way to keep the body, skin, eyes, hair and vitality young than a clean diet and positive outlook.  On Saturdays, I would like to discuss topics relating to this field.

The skin is the body's largest organ and reflects one's health to the world more than any other organ.  When I see young people in their teens and twenties that have poor skin, dark circles under their eyes and too much fat around their middles, it saddens me.  Their diet most certainly is a major factor in how they look.  The Standard American Diet (SAD) creates toxicity that finds its way to the skin.  By eating more fresh, raw, organic plant foods, learning more about superfoods and feeding our skin with natural oils, we can all look and feel sexier.

My personal goals in this area include taking better care of my skin, hair and nails with a more natural lifestyle, reaching and maintaining my optimum weight, learning more about beauty and longevity secrets from around the world, and creating a positive outlook and confidence that will appear in the way I present myself to the world.  Blogs on this topic may include eating the right foods for skin health, oils and gels that improve the look of the skin, natural hair care, getting a safe and healthy amount of sun, weight-loss plans, and creating confidence and positiveness.

Join me every Saturday as I discuss a different topic on looking good and feeling sexy.  Be healthy!

Mystic Merman

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