Thursday, October 20, 2011

Therapy Thursday: Intestinal Cleansing Part II

As promised, this is the second part of my blog on intestinal cleansing.  Although I plan on covering this topic more in the future, this specific two-week segment is about the Ejuva cleanse.  This is the second time I have taken on this intestinal cleanse, and it's been difficult both times.  Juice fasting was challenging, but hunger went away after about 7 days.  With the Ejuva cleanse, a lot of deep toxins, habits and emotions are stirred up.  I find it difficult to lessen my eating as I go along.  In fact, I get hungrier and have more cravings.

The fourth week has been the most challenging.  Last Friday, I was supposed to begin juice fasting only, but I ended up eating more.  So, I slowed down the fast and allowed myself to eat when I needed to.  Over the last week, I've slowly been preparing myself to eat less food and gradually work back into the fast.  Tomorrow, I'll be full board again on juice and herbs four times a day.

While this has been disappointing for me, I'm learning to just let it be what it is.  After 30 days on a juice fast, keeping up with a regular exercise routine, losing around 30 pounds, and starting a daily blog, I think I have a lot to be proud of.  The cleanse has been great for me, and, even though I didn't get the maximum benefit from it, I certainly did my body a great service and released a lot of toxins.  The next week will be a great indicator of how much progress I've made.

Once again, I highly recommend doing a short or long intestinal cleanse.  Not only can you release toxins that build up in the body, but you may also be shown emotional baggage you've been holding onto.  Most of us have a lifetime of emotional eating from stuffing our faces when we're sad, lonely, angry, guilty, whatever.  Letting go of these stuffed-down emotions is not easy, but it can be done.  Be healthy.

Mystic Merman

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