Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: A Raw Food Kitchen

Starting a raw food diet can seem challenging and expensive, but there are so many things available now that we can start off small and add as we go along.  The easiest part of a raw food diet is that most of the food we eat is ready just as Mother Nature provides it.  For example, what could be easier than eating an apple, a pear or a watermelon?  Fruit needs little to no preparation and is full of nutrients and naturally filtered water.  Salads are extremely versatile, especially if you have access to amazing, organic produce all year and learn how to make a few raw dressings (more on salads and dressing on another day).

Of course, for most people, eating fruit and salad every day can become monotonous and lack excitement.  While I do encourage people to learn how to eat more simple, raw food recipes add variety, flavor, color and fun to our diet.  When I first started experimenting with raw food in 2000, there wasn't a lot of good recipe books or master chefs.  However, over the last 10 years or so, creativity with raw food has exploded.  If you go to a raw food restaurant, you can have everything from Italian pasta dishes, Asian cuisine, Mediterranean appetizers, soups, Mexican food, and some of the most amazing desserts you'll ever have.

How do people make all these things?   Well, the raw food kitchen needs a few appliances.  For me, the most essential is my Vita-mix (a high-powered blender).  This handy tool creates smoothies, soups, seed flours, mousses, juice, and so much more.  Another great tool to have is a dehydrator.  With a good-quality dehydrator, a world of delights is possible.  I've made mini-pizzas, onion bread, flax crackers, dried fruit, tostado shells, nutrition bars, and so much more.  These two appliances are a bit pricey, but you will have them for the rest of your life.  Sell your microwave and invest in something that is going to enhance your health, not destroy it.

Other great tools for a raw kitchen are a good food processor, a good beater, sharp knives (try ceramic), peelers, a garlic press, and any other tool you would use for regular cooking.  Over the next few months, I will introduce a few recipes that I've made.  I encourage you to go on the internet and find some good raw food recipes and start having fun with your food.  Be healthy!

Mystic Merman

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