Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Workout Wednesday: To Gym or Not To Gym

If you live in a place that's relatively warm all year (like San Diego), it may seem pointless to join a gym when there are so many activities to do outside.  People who live in colder climates welcome the heated gym to get exercise during the winter months.  Because I live in a warmer climate, I do prefer to spend most of my time outside.  In fact, I've joined a gym three or four times, signed the year promise and watched as they charged me every month, even though I stopped going.  I currently have a membership, which I was actually about to cancel.  However, I'm giving it another shot.

The most difficult thing for me about the gym is monotony.  Pumping iron or working out on a machine feels good for a couple of days, but it eventually becomes boring and I'm not motivated to go.  A friend at work suggested that I try the many classes that the gym has to offer.  When I looked on the schedule, my membership includes yoga, Zumba, ab workouts, tai chi and several other classes.  I don't have to get my workout at the gym every day, but when I do go, I can find the variety that I need.

Finding variety is actually an important part of exercise.  If the body copies the same motions, resistance and actions every day, it becomes more rigid.  It's good to give that body something different to do every day.  Joining a good gym can help accomplish that.  At the gym you can work major muscle groups with weights, practice yoga and other flexibility training, hop on a stationary bike and more.  If you have something different to look forward to every day, the gym won't be such a bad place.  Of course, for me, it will just supplement my outdoor activity.

On a side note, I've been doing great with exercise this last week.  I've gone on two hikes, walked a couple miles on the street, took an outdoor class on a Martial Art and I'm now heading off to the gym to do an aerobics class.  Staying motivated is the key and a clean diet really helps in having the energy.  Happy workouts my friends.  Stay healthy!

Mystic Merman

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