Sunday, October 23, 2011

Superfood Sunday: The Power of Maca

High up in the Andes, an ancient radish grows above 10, 000 feet and is revered by the people of this area.  Like many foods that grow in extreme conditions, Maca has developed unique superfood qualities that help humans adapt to stress in the environment when consumed.  These foods are commonly called adaptogens.  Ginseng is another popular example.

Adaptogens help to balance the body's systems, and Maca is well-known for its effect on the hormonal system and is commonly used for libido.  Beyond its reputation as a sex herb, maca also stabilizes the nervous system, the cardiovascular system and the lymphatic system.  Athletes often take the herb for energy and bodily stress reduction.  In fact, the ancient Incas are reported to have used Maca before going into battle.

Because Maca can stimulate the body, I recommend taking it in the morning.  The flavor is strong and pungent, so most people have to find a way to use it that agrees with them.  Personally, I prefer to blend it with raw cacao (chocolate).  Cacao is also somewhat stimulating, so this is the perfect morning drink.  Usually, I make about 12 ounces of tea (use different herbs daily like mint, Cat's Claw, Holy Basil, etc.).  I put the warm tea in a blender and mix with one tablespoon of cacao powder, one teaspoon of Maca, and a little sweetener.  This creates a rich, dark chocolate drink that tastes good, nourishes the body and gives sustained energy for hours.

Like most superfoods, start off with a small portion and work your way up to a full dose (one to two teaspoons a day).  You may find that Maca does wonders for your health.  Be healthy!

Mystic Merman

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