Thursday, October 6, 2011

Therapy Thursday: Juice Fasting for Health

Fasting stretches back thousands of years in nearly every tradition including Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity and Buddhism, but has also been used by scientists and doctors to treat diseases.  Although modern allopathic medicine scoffs at fasting, calling it pseudo-science and dangerous, thousands of people every year find relief from a wide spectrum of ailments from cancer to arthritis while doing safe fasts.

Traditionally, fasting has mostly been on water, which should always be done under the supervision of an experienced professional if done more than two or three days or in cases of severe illness or emaciation.  However, in the last century, many people have employed the benefits of fasting from solid foods on freshly-pressed, raw juices.  Dr. Max Gerson used juice fasting and other therapies to cure thousands of patients from "terminal" illnesses, especially cancer.  His daughter continues his work in Mexico (she is not allowed to practice in the US).

For most people, juice fasting is a safe and effective way to clean the body and begin a healing process.  Juice provides many of the nutrients needed by the body, but gives the digestion a rest, allowing the body to eliminate accumulated waste and freeing up energy for healing.  There are countless studies and testimonials of people who have cured themselves of "incurable" diseases.  If you are interested in trying a juice fast, I recommend trying a short fast first (one or two days).  With no experience, going longer than this can be difficult and possibly unsafe.

Over the years, I have done several juice fasts from three to ten days.  After watching the film Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead a couple of months ago, I became inspired to do a 30 day juice fast.  The first week proved to be very challenging, but I persevered.  Once I hit my 8th day, things got much easier and I started to really feel good and drop weight more rapidly.  By the end of the fast, I had lost 30 pounds, had no more inflammation in my right food, had a heck-of-a-lot more energy and had glowing skin.  This was also a good impetus for getting back on a raw food diet and starting this blog.

In order to make sure that I was getting a lot of nutrition and that my blood sugar was at a safe level, I used a lot of greens in my juice.  Here is an example of the ingredients I would put in my juice: kale, collard, celery, parsley, cilantro, mint, lemon, carrots, apples, garlic, ginger and cucumber.  You might want to start off with just a couple of greens and more carrots and apples until you can handle less sweetness.  Also, lemon really takes the edge off the bitter greens and is a great detoxifier.

The juicer I use is one of the most expensive on the market, but I believe it's the best: the Green Star juicer.  With double gears that move toward each other , the Green Star crushes the fresh food instead of cutting it, which extracts more juice than any other juicer I've ever used.  It's worth the extra cost for something you will likely use for the rest of your life.

Start a short juice fast and see what this therapy can do for you.  Happy juicing!  Be healthy!

Mystic Merman

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