Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 7: Keeping it varied

Just like our diet, exercise can get boring and tedious if you don't change it up.  If you're like me, you may be motivated about something for a couple of months, weeks or even days and then get bored with it, only to give it up.  Staying focused on a goal, for many of us, requires a lot of variety when moving toward that goal.

My cardio/interval days were starting to get a little tedious, because I stayed with what I felt comfortable doing for too long.  Knowing the way I can be, I've been pushing myself to try different things, like sprinting on the beach last Thursday.  This coming week, I have plans to take on some monster stairs here in San Diego that are popular for workouts.  However, today, I went off to the gym with my BFF and another great friend for an hour of Zumba!

Zumba was created by Colombian dancer and choreographer Beto Perez in the 1990s.  A dance/aerobics class, Zumba combines elements from hip-hop, salsa, mambo, and several other types of dance.  Over the last couple of decades, it's become one of the most popular forms of aerobic exercise around the world.

For me, there are a couple of things I really like about Zumba.  First, it's totally fun.  The music is always upbeat and the instructors keep the energy and the smiles going around.  Also, it's a real challenge.  Working every muscle in your body, Zumba is a perfect whole body workout.  Your lungs and heart benefit, and you develop core strength, coordination and flexibility.  Finally, I love what Zumba does for my brain.  Learning new things keeps our brains healthy.  Every time I've taken a Zumba class, I have to learn several new dance moves.  Just as I'm about to get it, the move changes.  But, that's okay; I get better every time.

So, I'm not telling you that you should go out and take a Zumba class (but why not? It's fun!).  My point here is to get up and move.  Find several things that you like to do and rotate them.  Don't get stuck just jogging every day or working out on the Stair Master.  It's good for the body to have some variety.  Be healthy!

Mystic Merman

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