Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 12: The Magic of Plants

Here it is.  Day 12 of 90 days.  It feels great.  There is no pressure.  Every day, I feel better, stronger, cleaner and healthier.  Keeping to a high raw, plant-based diet is doing wonders for my digestion, mood and energy.

Plants are so amazing.  There is so much to choose from and a variety of them in your diet provides you with everything you need to thrive.

Enjoying plants in their natural state (raw and minimally processed) nourishes the body and extracts toxins from daily modern life.  By adding superfoods like Acai, algae, sea vegetables, hemp, Goji berries, etc., to your diet, you are also insuring that you are getting a full spectrum of macro- and micro-nutrients.

By eliminating animal foods, processed grains, concentrated sweeteners, chemically-laden food, and stimulants, we create less stress for our bodies and enjoy superior health, energy and alertness.  As mentioned in previous posts, this also allows the body to recover more quickly from activity and work-related stress.

I feel very blessed to know this information and share it with others.  I can feel a huge transformation happening in my body that has only just begun.  The next 78 will certainly bring about more changes and magic.  90 days is not a lot to ask of yourself.  Be healthy.

Mystic Merman


  1. Good goings! Are you keeping track of weight loss? How much cooked food are you eating?

  2. Hi Krista. Yes, I'm keeping track of weight loss, but I'm not obsessing over it. In the first 10 days, I lost about 4 pounds. I'm only having a cooked meal about every other day. Everything else is totally raw. This first 30 days is a lot of experimentation and flexibility. I'm trying to find out what works and what doesn't . Thanks for the support.