Thursday, November 3, 2011

Therapy Thursday: Water, the Great Purifier Part I

When I first started this blog, I wanted to write something on water right away.  However, this topic is complicated because water is the most important element for our bodies, yet there is no clear consensus about how much to drink, when to drink it and what is the best source.  Since I am not an expert on water, my only hope here is to give you a better understanding of the information available and let you decide what works best for you.  Like anything regarding your healthy, you should empower yourself by getting the information about water and making the best decisions for yourself.

First, let's cover some of the facts.  Your body is made up of (on average) 60% water.  Every function, movement and system of your body depends on water.  Water transports nutrients, regulates body temperature, flushes waste out of the body and so much more.  Replenishing your body with water is essential to health and survival.  Dehydration causes numerous health challenges ranging from constipation to headaches to fatigue.  Most of us have experienced relief from certain ailments by drinking a large glass of water.

The most commonly reported study about how much water to drink apparently told us all to drink 8 glasses of water a day.  However, dozens of other studies from sources like the Mayo Clinic and the British Medical Journal claim that this is nonsense and there is no scientific evidence to back it up.  In fact, they say, drinking too much water can actually be harmful.  The fact is there is no magic number.  Everything depends on your body, your diet and how much exercise you get (stopping now to drink a glass of water).

From a raw food perspective, water needs change based on the amount of fresh, raw food we eat.  If your diet is 80% or more fresh raw food, your need for water is going to be much lower than a person on the Standard American Diet (SAD).  Fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouts, and leafy greens contain Nature's perfect water.  Plants distill water as they pull it up from the earth.  Nothing is more hydrating than eating a fresh melon or peach.  Plus plants are full of salts, minerals and carbohydrates that can hydrate better than just plain water.

So, the key here is to learn to listen to your body.  If you are very active, make sure you drink water before and after exercise or strenuous activity.  If your diet gets poor due to stress or holidays or time, make sure to compensate by drinking water, especially in the morning when you first wake.  But, do yourself a favor and add more raw food to your diet.  This will help the body stay hydrated, clean toxins out of your body, keep you mineralized and give you more energy.

Next Thursday, I'd like to continue this topic, moving into a discussion about the best sources of water and what to avoid.  Until then, stay hydrated and be good to yourself.  Be healthy!

Mystic Merman

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