Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: The perfect diet?

Ah, food, food, food!  Can anything be more of a double-edged sword?  While we certainly cannot live without food, our forks can be the source of a lot of misery.  However, if we learn enough about what foods are good for us and work for us, we can create excellent health with it.

As you may have read (http://mysticmerman.blogspot.com/2011/09/my-personal-health-journey.html), my personal journey of health has see-sawed up and down for many years.  When I first became a vegan in my early 20s, I thought I had found the perfect diet and I would never be sick again.  But plant-based food can be just as disease-producing as animal foods, especially when it is heavily processed and denatured.

Although I continue to search for a diet that works very well for me, I do know that the more raw food I eat, the better my health is and the better I feel.  The closer to the source your food is, the more life-giving qualities it has.  Processing, over-cooking, pasteurizing, frying, salting, sugaring, canning, adding preservatives, "fortifying," genetically modifying, and adding chemicals to food are becoming the standard for most of our food.  The Standard American Diet (SAD) leaves most people deficient in many nutrients and struggling to expel numerous toxins from the body.  Over time, this diet wreaks havoc on the body and diseases of all kind appear.  Even the medical establishments are starting to recognize the toll that modern diets have on the human body.

After being vegan for many years, I began to introduce dairy and eggs into my diet.  This was likely due to the fact that I had deficiencies in minerals, protein, certain fats and more.  While I started to feel a little better, other problems developed, especially in my skin.  When I got into raw food, these cleared up, but I didn't know enough about nutrition to stay healthy and my diet began to yo-yo from year to year.  I noticed that animal food (especially dairy) made me feel heavy and sluggish.  When I really started to introduce superfoods into my diet on a daily basis, my cravings for animal food disappeared.

After doing a 30 day juice fast (more on that in a later blog), I am doing great on a raw, vegan diet.  I would like to continue on this diet for my health and for the planet.  My personal goals in this area include eating 99% raw, consuming only plant-based food, introducing new superfoods one at a time, buying 75% or more of my food from local farmers, learning more about what foods foster alkalinity vs. acidity in the body, reaching my optimum weight and maintaining that for the rest of my life, and recognizing highly processed "food" as toxic foodstuff.

I am not here to preach or judge anyone about their diets.  This is my own exploration for myself.  If I can inspire you to consider where your food comes from every time you sit down to a meal, that's great.  Please join me as I journey toward a healthier, happier me!

Mystic Merman

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