Monday, September 26, 2011

Manic Monday: An introduction to mental and emotional health

Before I choose a topic for this category, I'd like to discuss what this means to me and where I want to be.  In my experience, one of the keys to mental and emotional health is reducing stress and stress factors.  Stress takes a toll on the health of the body, but also causes emotional and mental distress.  For me, this has been a great challenge in my life.  Often, I overreact to situations, become emotionally involved in other people's problems and spend a lot of time thinking about the past and worrying about the future. Managing stress is one of the keys to good health.

In addition, community and personal relationships are essential to a healthy mind.  By communicating our feelings, spending time with people that are positive in our lives, and connecting to the people around us, we create more meaning in our lives.

For most of us, connecting with Nature develops a sense of inner peace and clarity.  Many of us have extremely hectic lives and spend a lot of time in front of a computer or television screen.  Getting outside, breathing fresh air, getting away from the noise of the city, or using relaxation methods (i.e. meditation, yoga, breathing techniques, etc.) keep us grounded and relieve stress.

My personal goals in this area include spending more time in nature (I especially love the ocean, hence my superhero name Mystic Merman), learning better breathing techniques, exploring different types of meditation and relaxation techniques, volunteering and connecting with my community more, recognizing and managing my stress levels and stress factors, communicating better with my friends and family, and laughing as much as possible.

Join me every Monday as I discuss my progress, research and blog about what I find, discuss pitfalls and obstacles, and laugh my way to health.

NOTE: I am not including anything spiritual in this blog because I believe this is personal.  There are many different viewpoints on spirituality and religion (even within any given group), and I prefer to leave that to the individual and discuss health from a physical, mental and emotional viewpoint.

Mystic Merman

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