Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Workout Wednesday: MSM for Your Joints

Whether you do yoga, run, workout at the gym, dance or just walk, you need to take care of your joints.  If you don't, exercise can become painful as you get older.  Even many young people experience joint pain after exercising.  While a proper diet tops the list for keeping the joints healthy, there are natural supplements you can take to help.

After ten years in the natural health industry, one supplement that I've seen have more success in this area than just about anything else is MSM (methyl-sufonyl-methane).  This simple sulfuric compound can be found in almost all plants and animals, as well as soil and rainwater.  It's actually part of the rain cycle, forming when methane evaporates and combines with moisture in the air.  

This bio-available form of sulfur is readily used by the body and has the toxicity level of water, making it one of the most useful yet harmless supplements available.  Sulfur is found in every cell in the body, so its importance cannot be overstated.  Although it is important to hundreds of functions in the body, one of its primary functions is to assist in the creation of collagen in the body.  Collagen gives the cells, skin, tendons, muscles and organs structure, support and flexibility.  Without it, you would literally fall apart.  

Joint flexibility and support rely on this important mineral.  Unfortunately, many of us don't get enough sulfur in our diet. There are many foods that contain good amounts of sulfur, like garlic, onions, tomatoes and avocados, but it's likely that our diets contained a lot more sulfur in the past.  Taking a natural supplement can make all the difference in the world to our health.  

Most MSM is derived from either the natural gas industry (methane) or the lumber industry.  DMSO (a precursor to MSM) is a bi-product of these industries, so it's a bit like recycling.  MSM is formed from distilling or purifying DMSO.  If you find a good company, the product should be 100% pure MSM.  It has a bitter taste, but can be blended into smoothies or juice with little effect to the taste.  It is well known in the natural health industry that MSM works synergistically with vitamin C.  Taking it with citrus juice is recommended, but I usually take it with a powerful vitamin C like Camu Camu.  

If you are suffering from joint pain, I highly recommend talking to your health practitioner about MSM.  It's been very beneficial to my healing process.  Be healthy!

Mystic Merman

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