Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tasty Tuesday: Raw Boats

For most people, spending hours in the kitchen preparing gourmet raw food is not an option.  Our lives are far too busy and complicated.  In this age of fast food and fast information, it helps to have a few easy-to-make recipes in your raw food repertoire.  Something easy, fun and tasty are raw boats.

The boat can be made from several vegetable sources.  Most commonly, raw chefs use long-sliced zucchini or cucumber, romaine lettuce leaves, kale leaves or even celery or carrots.  The idea here is to cut or form the vegetable so that you can fill it with something yummy.  The combinations of boat and filling can be endless with a little imagination.  Play with your food (no matter what your mother told you) and come up with some combinations that you love.

So, what about the filling?  Well, there are some real easy ones.  Nut butters go well with celery and green leaves.  Who doesn't love celery with peanut butter?  Well, you may have to substitute raw almond butter if you can't find a good quality raw peanut butter (Sunfood has one!).  You may also want to explore the wonderful tastes of cashew butter, hemp seed butter, tahini, Brazil nut butter and so many more. Just spread the butter on and make a nutritious, energy-giving snack in minutes.

Other fillings may take a little more time.  Guacamole remains a staple in the raw food diet, especially in California.  Making a spicy salsa from fresh tomatoes, peppers, onions, cilantro, lime and sea salt is also fast and easy.  I like to combine salsa and guacamole on romaine lettuce leaves.  For creamy versions of these fillers, blend cashews or coconut meat with sun-dried tomatoes (creamy tomato sauce), pesto and pine nuts (pesto sauce) or other combinations of food in your fridge.  Like I said, the variety of tastes and textures you can come up with are nearly endless.

Finding creative and easy ways to include raw food in your diet gives you a better edge on being raw.  If we make it too complex, we set ourselves up for failure.  Your health is worth eating right, so make it easy on yourself.  Be healthy!

Mystic Merman

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