Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Workout Wednesday: Healthy Recovery Drinks

When I did a Google search for "after workout recovery drinks," some of the websites that came up suggested Gatorade, chocolate milk and a lot of formulas that are filled with low-quality whey protein and other toxins.  Superficially, these drinks might give a boost or supply some nutrients, but they also create a lot of waste and toxins that the body has to deal with.  After a workout, our bodies need great building material to really thrive.

From the perspective of a raw, plant-based diet, there are so many choices.  After my workout tonight, I decided to blend up a green smoothie.  This versatile drink provides essential minerals and vitamins, protein, antioxidants, electrolytes and so much more.  Make sure your green smoothie contains some dark greens like kale, collard greens and parsley.  In addition, I always add celery, which supplies a natural, organic dose of sodium.  Lemons and apples can help to balance the bitterness of the dark green but also cleanse the body, especially the liver.  Be sure to throw in some berries for their powerful antioxidants.

If you're looking for a concentrated protein after a heavy lifting session, Sun Warrior Protein blows the competition away in my opinion.  This unique raw, vegan protein derives its protein completely from organic rice.  How do they get all the protein out of rice?  Well, the rice is sprouted and then mixed with a culture which metabolizes the carbohydrates, leaving a fine powder that is 75 to 80% protein.  The fact that it's a cultured food means that digestion is aided, making it more bio-available than soy, whey or pea protein.  Many people have allergies to proteins on the market or can't digest them well.  I highly recommend looking into this superior product.

Other great foods to consume after a workout are hemp seeds, fruit, chia, flax seeds, and any type of algae, especially Spirulina which is about 65% protein.  Do yourself and favor and supply your body with the best that Nature has to offer.  You deserve it.  Be healthy.

Mystic Merman

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