Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 46: Just over the halfway mark

Yesterday marked the halfway point on my 90-day challenge.  It feels less like a challenge every day and more like a lifestyle, which is the main reason I took this on.  As discussed in the last post, the momentum keeps going in the direction we choose to go.  The more we pour into positive choices, the better results we get.  

As it's getting kind of late, I just wanted to post a quick update.  I haven't posted in about seven days because I had family in town over the weekend, and I'm still playing catch up at work after a week off.  Also, it's been very warm here, so I've chosen to be outside more, especially at the beach.  

Last week, I had a great week because I juiced every night for dinner and ate a smoothie for breakfast.  My diet was almost completely liquid, with an occasional tomato or sliced radishes.  This week, I've included more solid food.  Today, I ate my superfood smoothie for breakfast, had a simple salad for lunch, and a nice raw meal for dinner at a restaurant where I've been co-hosting talks on raw food and nutrition.  Because it's really heating up here, I'd like to spend the rest of the week eating high-water content food, juicing and blended greens.  

My workout routine is still strong, but I need to focus on my strength training.  I tend to do the same routines at the gym, which is not as challenging and I'm not getting results as fast.  I have some great books on workouts which I plan to look over and come up with a really challenging routine.  I'll probably work on that this week and implement it over the weekend.  The cardio workouts are still great, so I'll stick with them and try to get in the ocean several times a week.

That's it for now.  By healthy!
Mystic Merman

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